All kinds of accessories in GE EQUIPOS DE SEGURIDAD in Nogales Arizona
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Active filters

glass - water filter

Time Ring: Food grade, Adjust the time position after installing and replacing the filter element

Straw Body: Food grade, to perfect cartridges water filtered

Tritan Transparent body

Food grade, can contain drinking water, juice, coffee, tea, municipal water (tap water) and outdoor fresh water sources
(River, lake, springs, streams, pond and other water sources)

NOTE: Please remove the filter cartridge to avoid clogging when sucking juice, coffee, tea, and soluble beverages


Mega-Fit Holster | Full Size Version

Mega-Fit Holster for 150+ pistols 

Cytac Mega-Fit Holster is a universal and highly compatible index finger unlocking holster. The front 5 screws can easily and quickly adjust the space of the holster, to be compatible with hundreds of full-size pistols. There are 9 carrying attachments available for different mission requirements.


Handcuff Pouch

Handcuff pouch

The handcuff pouch is designed 3 polymer handcuff pouch to fit handcuffs in different size.It fits US standard handcuffs.

3 models are optional to fit chain handcuffs or hinged handcuffs in different sizes.


Pepper Spray Holder

Fits Pepper Spray of 1.5 inches in diameter

Pepper spray holder is widely used in policing, riot control, crowd control and self-defense.

Dual Secure Protection

After the pepper spray is put into the holder, the buckles on both sides of the holder are automatically fastened to fix the pepper spray. The anti-drop strap provides an extra protection for fix pepper spray.

Light Weight

The holder is very lightweight but shows good impact resistance to be an essential police gear.

Walkie Talkie Holder
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Walkie Talkie Holder

Fits Motorola XTS 2250/2500/3000/ 3500/5000, etc Holder capacity: Max-160L*60W*50Dmm, Min-160L*60W*35D mm

Walkie Talkie Holder

Cytac walkie talkie Holder fits popular walkie talkie including but not limited to Motorola XTS 2000, Motorola MTS 2000, Motorola MTP 6000 series, HYTERA-PD785, KenWood TK-2000 and so on.